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Welcome to our public website, we are a group of passionate e cigarette steamers, we come from Aalborg 9210 more precisely, and we steamed e cigarette the last years of time , put a few of us have stopped again, and just used the e cigarette as a smoking top agent, it worked great and none of us started smoking again.


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We make this website because we believe that there is too little information about the good e cigarettes, and the good e liquid, which is of course necessary to keep alive an e cigarette. We've tried most things, basically bought all kinds of e cigarettes that are on the market, tried all kinds of liquids, with or without nicotine, visited and bought from all the online shops we could find, many of it from abroad.

We think that we know a lot about e cigarettes, and would very much like to share this information with others, there's no reason why we all have to go through the "bad" e cigarettes and e liquid from places like almost unusable. Then use this website to find your e cigarette, without having to try 10 different first, all information on this page comes from us and our experiences, we emphasize that we are not doctors or trained in any medical, use this information to yourself to form an opinion and save money by avoiding the "bad" products out there!

E cigaret fra start!

Back when we started steaming there was not much choice, the only e cigarette could be found in Denmark was an Ego-t, this is certainly a good e cigarette, and still is to this day, known as stable quality, and developed over a number of years, so this cheap e cigarette can certainly still recommended!

But as with so much else, the trend has been strong, there are frequent arrival of new models and brands on the market, some are good in our opinion, but there is certainly no "rotten" vessel from.

We will here on the front talk about 3 different, easy, cheap and luxury model, in addition we will continually come up with new articles that you can find on the rightside of the page, the exciting new e cigarettes and other things that come on the market.

E cigaret - The 3 konger

We start with the easy e cigarette, e cigarette that comes from the company Super Smoke, it is easy to use and eliminates the hassle of fulfilling e cigarette with liquid!This is without a doubt the best e cigarette on the market where you just screw a filterand evaporator, the liquid in the filters also contain nicotine, so you get all the whole package here for an extremely cheap price.

Then we take the cheap, cheap is a stupid word to use for this e cigarette, good enough is it cheap, but it's still one of the best, and indeed most popular e cigarette worldwide. E cigarette named Ego-t, they've been there from the beginning and developed e cigarette regularly over the years. The reason we call it cheap is not just because. The purchase price, but also the fact that you have to fill the tank with e liquid when that runs out, this means that you can fumes something cheaper than, for example. with a Super Smoke e cigarette.

Then we come to the Luxury model, this model is called Ego W, this is truly for the discerning user who will feel the quality in your hands, and simultaneously get any fine subtleties in the bargain, this should also be refilled with e liquid, so it does cheap to run, but the actual e cigarette is made ​​of several different parts which thus makes it really delicious. It has among other things a small clip that makes you store it in the shirt pocket or other pocket, so it is easy to carry on the work, then you will have the best of the best, then it is certainly an Ego W you need have!

E Cigarette Denmark thank you for your visit!

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